How Virtual Reality Technology Works

The VR refers to the computer technologies which will create the sounds and the realistic images in order to produce a real environment sense and it will also make the user feel the physical presence of the environment, by allowing the user to have interactions to any of the objects present over there with the help of the various devices such as the projectors and the specialized display screens. VR in technical words describes the realistic simulation of a three-dimensional environment which can be examined as well as interacted by an individual. The individual will sense of becoming the part of the virtual world and will be able to feel the objects and perform different series of action.


1) It is developed with the help of the interactive hardware and software by controlling the movement of the human body or using an immersive as well as interactive experience which is generated by the computer. It will enable one to places within a three sixty-degree environment which will make one feel that it is a real environment. Just keep in mind that what one views or touches is just through the help of the electrical impulses controlled by the brain.

2) It works essentially by controlling or bluffing one’s senses by making them believe that one is experiencing the feel of the real environment although it completely generated by the computer.

3) It uses the wide range of technologies in order to create a convincing real world for the explorer. The HMD so called as the head mounted display is the most essential which uses the technique known as the stereoscopy which will make one feel that the images are slightly different for each other eyes. With the help of the Oculus Rift which uses only one LCD screen having the color depth of twenty-four bits for per pixel and it also includes the thousand-Hertz which is an adjacent reality tracker which will enhance the quality of the pictures which will decrease the latency in order to improve the moves of HMD.

4) The software which is built into the HMD allows the user to moves the head along with the virtual world moving together with them. The magnetometers, accelerometers, and gyroscope will help in measuring the strength of the magnetic field of the Earth in order to measure the speed of the HMD which is moving in space by permitting the exact head tracking so that the feel of the environment is real.

5) There are 3 technologies which will change the images or the pictures to fed into the HMD as the wearer will feel of moving around.

6) With the help of the Virtuix Omni, it provides a virtual reality platform as the computer generates environment feel by producing the graphics with a high resolution of the images which will be fed to the HMD at around thirty frames every second. In order to generate the real feel of the world, a unique combination of shading, light effects, and different texture are the must and also the quality of the sound must be immersed as well as directional so that the user will be able to feel the audio experience convincing. It is basically done by tricking the mind of the user.