Virtual Reality Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety signifies the unpleasant state of mental uneasiness. There are various stages or types of anxiety but the main causes of anxiety are genetic factor, stressful situation, Physical health challenges, food habits, and so on.

So Virtual Reality Therapy is the best treatment for Anxiety. Virtual Reality (VR) is a safe treatment made by therapist in a controlled manner. Recent days VR is attaining a lot more patients, enhancing lifestyles of individuals all-around the society. A survey states that around18-25% of U.S population was affected by this mental health issues. Earlier in 1995, exposure therapy seemed to be typically carried out employing imaginary exposure. Yet the time consumption and cost is too high to afford. In spite of that, virtual reality therapy is provided.

VRT is actually offered around the comfort zone using VR programs. This technique enables our technicians to defend against several challenges affiliated by means of imaginary exposure therapy.

VRT has been initially formulated for treating stress disorders. Utilizing this technique, the individual encounters anxiety over a virtual world that simulates the anticipated scenario. The affected individual will wear goggles and earphones which make them to experience vision, oral and physical information involving them in such a situation. The affected individual will experience like they’re present there, also the technician inquiring certain queries and establishing patient particular occasions to happen in the software. They correspond physically as well as emotionally, pretending the situation seems to be real.

VRT is particularly beneficial whenever vivo exposure a challenging to handle. For instance, treating public speaking fear is practically not possible to put together a team as an audience. In VRT, the technician has total control over such tasks and a lot of them concern invoking stimulators, which effects in a patient-adapted exposure, which can be replicated as many times essential. This provides the patient a more significant sense of control while facing real life anxiety.

Survey shows that VRT is merely as efficient as vivo exposure. A lot of people search for specialty solutions addressing dealing with long-standing anxieties and other complicated challenges. VRT truly does not substitute CBT, merely becomes just an added technique when exposure therapy turns into a primary intervention.

Concerning about VRT?Nothing to worry!! Let’s have a look of some more added advantage of VRT.

More Efficient Treatment and Ease of Scheduling The VR application program models virtual circumstances that have been designed with care to assist exposure therapy for anxiety. Standard exposure therapy might be very expensive since it usually demands departing the therapist’s workplace and so extended consultations. VRT programs can obtain the exact exposure as of the standard therapy hour. It lasts generally 45-50 minutes and moreover at the therapist’s workplace. Several sessions can certainly be slotted in the same week.

ConfidentialityAs the therapy is carried out in therapist’s office, you may not have risk than other types, enduring complicated scenarios.Other standard therapy may prolong sessions. There is no such problem with VR system as it is completed in just 45-50 minutes. It may differ for such patients. So consultation with technician can be helpful.Hope the information provided are informative!!